Is your church a nondenominational church? 

No.  We are an Independent Baptist church. 

Which Bible do you use for worship and Bible study?

We teach and preach from the King James Bible.  While people are free to use the modern versions, we very much encourage all English-speaking people to use the King James Bible.

What is your dress code?

We have a casual, but reverent worship atmosphere.  Casual (blue jeans / T-shirt) dress is okay.  However, we certainly welcome more formal attire as well.  Any attire that is distracting (for example, too revealing) from worship is not acceptable.

Can I attend your church even if I am not a member?

Certainly.  However, if you are a Christian and agree with our statement of faith, we would love for you to join our church.

I have tattoos and piercings.  Can I attend your church?

Certainly.  We are interested in your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I drink alcohol (and / or use drugs).  Can I attend your church?

Certainly.  It is true that God’s Word (the Bible) teaches against drunkenness (Galatians 5:21) or intoxicationWe as Christians are to refrain from anything that would hinder our ability to serve God.   We DO NOT tolerate people coming to our worship services intoxicated in any way.  But we would never remove someone from our church due to an alcohol or drug problem.  Instead, we are here to help you grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

You will find that we are loving people, and if you have a problem with alcohol / drugs and would like help, we will be here for you.

I have a bad past.  Can I attend your church?

We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).  We all have things in our past that we are not proud of (or maybe even very ashamed).  When we accept the Lord’s free gift of salvation, our sins are blotted out (Isaiah 43:25).  That means that when we stand before God at the time of our earthly death, it’s as if those sins had never occurred.  What a gift of mercy and grace!  So if God does not hold your past against you if you are a Christian, who are we to?  We do not get together to judge and condemn (who are we to do that, anyway).  We gather to love each other and God.

I am a Roman Catholic.  Can I attend your church?

Certainly.  We welcome people of all denominations as well as folks of other faiths (including and especially atheists)!  That does NOT mean, though, that we are ecumenical.  We are a Baptist Church.    Our doctrine is derived from the Bible alone.  Please view our statement of faith on this website.  Our teachings are consistent with that statement of faith.

I have no money to donate to the church.  Can I attend your church?

Absolutely.  Our worship services are not like attending a show with an entry fee.  We do NOT pass around an offering plate, so you will not be embarrassed or made to feel guilty about not contributing financially.

God wants you and your heart.  He wants you to love Him.

I’m shy.  Do I have to participate in activities?

While we welcome and encourage everyone to attend and participate, we have a relaxed, non-pushy atmosphere.  We understand that sometimes people who are shy are even uncomfortable with saying that they are uncomfortable!  Participate as much as you feel comfortable.

How do I join your church?

Please contact Pastor Dr. Aldo Pucci at 1-304-670-9334 for more information on becoming a member of Evangel Baptist Church.